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Chicken Girls

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  • girlspy
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    @smartygal I have been watching the series (ep6 s2), and I really like Tim 😙 I really hope she falls in love with him but she’s not really into him. He even made her a bracelet!!!! He is way cuter and more genuine than TK

  • moxxo
    Post count: 796

    i havent watched it yet. now i ll since u r saying its soooo good. thanks for the recommendayion. 🙈😊💜 @girlspy

  • smartygal
    Post count: 262

    Haven’t seen it yet. Heard it’s good! Who is your fav in [email protected]

  • girlspy
    Post count: 13

    Chicken Girls has a FULL MOVIE on the Youtube channel Brat! It is sooo good! Who’s your fave character?

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