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  • justinigirl
    Post count: 242

    I’m on Girl2girl Wall and Snapchat. I like Girl2girl bc you can talk with girls instead of just sending pic. Sometimes that can be stressful.

  • sanyav
    Post count: 6

    Snapchat,Instagram,girl2girlwall,and! And all!

  • sampeyton
    Post count: 34

    Snapchat and instagram. I go on this app but not with any of my friends

  • s-sophie
    Post count: 73


  • cooper11
    Post count: 41

    Girl2Girl and musically. A lot of the kids in my grade have musically and so we all can communicate!

  • kittycatz101
    Post count: 257

    anyone tried kudo ?

  • hazel5
    Post count: 1759

    Girl2girl and instagram!!

  • kittycatz101
    Post count: 257

    I’m too young
    but in a year I’m getting instagram

  • zooeydog
    Post count: 287

    Sounds like Instagram is winning here. Seems no one is on Twitter! I think that’s for old people kinda like FB.

  • cookiesandcream120
    Post count: 8

    I’m usually on Instagram and Pinterest

  • renad123
    Post count: 18

    Fb 😊

  • paigebacheer
    Post count: 4

    Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram

  • britishgalbeauty
    Post count: 24

    I’m on basically everything, even though im 14 and need a life ; fb, sc, the GRAM, twitter, yelloh, yabasic (french thing, dont ask)

  • meharkbhasin
    Post count: 12

    Heyy, I am usually on Instagram and [email protected]

  • Anonymous
    Post count: 469

    I’m not old enough for social media yet. My sisters are always on Insta I’m on Gir;2Girl!

  • zooeydog
    Post count: 287

    What social sites are you on the most? Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Girl2girl Wall, etc? I’m on Instagram and Girl2girl!

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