Brands NOT to wear

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  • hedgehogsrule
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    I like what I wear! I wear stuff like those brands I don’t wanna change that! Also I don’t really follow trendy stuff and wear my own things. I kinda wear sporty/casual/simple clothes.

  • jessielikesobjectshows
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    Why not Justice? Also, I kinda have no choice but to shop at generic stores, because those are the only places that has stuff that fits my dress code.

  • laylamichelle
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    I love gap!!

  • kaitkool
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    if you go to the juniors section in target they actually have cute trendy clothes

  • weirdokayla
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    I wear most of these and Im in 6Th grade (my advice wear whatever you want and whatever makes you happy)

    • lana30
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      Totally agree!!!!! Enjoy wearing fun clothes

  • chickenlover12
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    Those are good brands!!!!

  • chickenlover12
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    What do u want me to where GUCCI

    • camille116
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      Lmao of corse not i posted thing you should wear so go to my page if you want to see it 🙂

  • camille116
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    So if your going to 5th grade or Middle School i will tell you brands NOT to wear…Justice,Gap,Walmart,Target,Clare’s,Skechers(Ect,)

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