Which is the famous place in your country ???

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  • drawwithmalik
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    i live in the USA so there is so many possible answers. To me it would be Disney Land/World

  • skybluesplash
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    @vaidehibharatte Hmmm….I have no idea. Probably Sydney, because it’s got the Opera House and Harbour Bridge? And Melbourne, which is where I live, because it’s the world’s most liveable city 😊I really don’t know, there’s a lot. 💙

  • smartygal
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    The Empire State Building in New York City. @vaidehibharatte

  • maddieapple
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    New York (<– my home), San Francisco, Mount Rushmore, Chicago, Las Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C etc.

  • poppypresents
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  • wmaple123
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    Washington D.C.

  • vaidehibharatte
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    Which is the famous place in your country ???

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