what would be the best phone to get that’s not so pricey

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    You could just rent an iPhone 6s Plus because it is the best phone that is not so pricey! It costs like $200 when you rent it! That is how I got my phone. You should check it out!!!

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    @emygalixy The Google Pixel 3a is $400, which is a lot cheaper than most phones. You can also get a used phone, or rent a phone from a carrier like sprint, which has a monthly price. The fancier the phone, the higher the monthly price.

    @laylay_latte Ipods aren’t really phones, though. You can’t get cellular data on them, and you can’t get your own phone number. It’s basically a small ipad, though it was a good suggestion.

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    I think the new iPods

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      What do you mean i do androids

  • emygalixy
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    What would be the best phone to get but not so pricey

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