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  • ambic
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    Hi I use Popjam regularly, I haven’t tried Kudos but Girl2Girl is a pretty good social app for general chat, plus everyone here is really friendly.

  • galacticevelin
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    Same I got some so u can download kidzworld it’s basically instagram for kids aged 9-17 and it’s amazing another one would be roblox it’s really fun and if your younger u might like animal jam and then YouTube if ur parents don’t allow YouTube you can always get YouTube kids

    • xxxlilyxxx
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      @galacticevelin I’m gonna try kidzworld!!! Thank you so much! Maybe we could be friends on it??? Idk if that is weird

    • hazel5
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      Really? I’m gonna check kidzworld but rn i love g2g wall ❤️🙈 @galacticevelin

  • radicalrye
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    the live justice app you can post pics and videos and do games and quizzes. It is by the clothing brand justice so you can also see their products and it is a really fun app you aren’t allowed to post bad stuff or say bad stuff either so it is safe.

  • bookhugger45
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    Noooooo I guess Girl2Girl is sorta a social media,Idk

  • xxxlilyxxx
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    So my parents won’t let me get Instagram or Snapchat. I have tried Popjam and Kudos to be my social media source but I don’t find hen that interesting. I was wondering if anyone knows any other social media apps for kids?

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