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  • blueoreo11
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    A lot of my friends have them and my cousins have one. My parents love to play around with it with my family but they would never want one of our own because they heard that Alexa recorded a fight these two guys had and sent it to their friends😱

  • j04n4
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    Omg creepy

  • smartygal
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    We had one for a while but it started talking to us even when we weren’t asking if a question. So we gave it to my Uncle. He loves it! It kind of creeped us out too! @hedgehogsrule

    • hedgehogsrule
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      I know, sometimes it mistakes words for her name

  • neonpinkkk
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    Oh my gosh those things creep me out! In the middle of the night it bursts out in songs that I’ve played earlier in the day and I scream and run. I can’t sleep after that!😱

  • hazel5
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    Omg really? Seems scary!! @hedgehogsrule

  • cheetahcat200
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    I have an Alexa Dot and the Philips Hue that she can operate with your voice. I think that they’re pretty nice, even though I was disappointed when I found out that she can’t give half of the information that you want. I wouldn’t suggest getting one, nor Google Voice, unless you just want simple and quick answers to quick and simple questions.

  • bookhugger45
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    They believe that they steal your information

    • hedgehogsrule
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      Oh, but they only hear you so they can send emails to you about products at amazon.

  • bookhugger45
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    My parents hate them.

  • hedgehogsrule
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    Do you guys have Alexa’s? I do and they are kind of creepy… did you know they listen to everything you say? I have 2 of them

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