Story chain!

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  • wmaple123
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    Went down a dark alleyway, wearing all black. I hardly recognized her, but I knew it was her. Somehow. She was holding a strange, mezmorizing…

    • sabrinacarpenderfan
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      Crystal ball. It seemed she was going to the creepy, old fortune teller. She was following earlier and now things were getting weird. Suddenly a hand grabbed me through a window. It was…..

    • singingbeast3
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      potato. This potato had strange markings on it. She was softly whispering ” ” to it.

  • hooloo21
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    Thank you for the creators of this! I am simply adding onto their work. You can add as many sentences as you wish and as many times as you want!

    Me and my friends have known each other for.. forever! But one day one of m friends did something really unusual. She…

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