Kindergarten story!

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    Ty guys for your response

  • chochosiwa
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    It’s ok because no one is perfect and I have AR at my school too!

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    It’s okay if u make mistakes + u have us to talk to anyways. 🙂

  • hooloo21
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    Story 1:
    Okay, I was weird in kindergarten. I wanted help on a computer math game thing, but the teacher wouldn’t help me. So I decided to play games for 2 months until I got caught. That’s when I became scared of computers.

    Story 2: I wanted to read early and get AR points (sry if you don’t know what that is). But the teacher wouldn’t let me. She let the teacher kids read though. I swear I hated that teacher for all these reasons.

    Story 3: I was, and still am, a terrible speller. I spelled “earth” “rf”. No joke. I also spelled “Beautiful” “boodful”. I can’t even, it’s too much to handle. My chicken also made the “WOW!” Wall so YEAH. I was special for that purpose.

    Bonus: I did so bad on a spelling test once, I even miss spelled my name!

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