Finish the story- "The Ring"

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    @blueoreo11 she started rocking back and forth and she realised that she had been tranported inside a boat, she has oars in her hand and she was rowing on a rough rough sea…suddenly

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      An enchantress appeared and explained she was The chosen one. She had to save the dream dimension before it was to late and everyone’s dreams and nightmares started spilling out into the real world. She suddenly disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Then the boat started rocking back and forth and I fell in to the rocky sea. Then I saw…….

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    There was a girl named Haylee. One day she was at a jewelry store and saw this very shiny ring, there was something about it that made her buy it. The ring was very expensive, ten whole dollars!! But being the curious girl she is, she bout it.

    The next day she woke up with a start. She had another dream, she’s been having these dreams, some good, some bad. But this one felt so real it scared her. Haylee then noticed she was wet. “Just like in the dream…” She thought as she went and put on a new pair of clothes.

    These dreams had started about 3 years ago or so, she’s always wondered why she’s had them.

    Later that day she decided to put on the ring for a party she was going to, but once she slipped it on her finger she was teleported to a new place- the first dream she had . . .

    (Now it’s up to YOU to decide what happens next! Make it as long as you want ! 🙂 I love reading these things!

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