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    Aquarius ♒️ that usually means we don’t like feelings and intimacy. We make up our mind and it’s hard to persuade us without solid proof. We’re original and always think outside the box and independent and easy going. We get along best with other Aquarius people and Gemini and Libra.

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    I am a cancer! We are the romance zodiacs, but can get moody at times. We also love the water! We love getting cozy inside our house, but we also love to adventure for a new one!

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    I am aris,that means I am playful,brave, outgoing,love to take risks but I am impatient,and get angry quickly

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    What’s your zodiac sign? I am a Capricorn, that basicly means that I am really serious, kind, smart, but get sad and angry about stuff in the world and need to have more fun.

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