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  • hedgehogsrule
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    What is this app? pls tell me cuz I ❤️ spying.

  • puppies-_-galore
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    Tell them to get it! It’s a fun app and tell them to try it out and give you their username

  • cutekawaiipanda103
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    I wanna spy with my BFFs Chloe, Ashleigh, and Gloriah. They all have phones like me and we can all call and text and FaceTime each other but I wanna spy like you know! Walkie-Talkies! We are having a sleepover at my house on Tuesday until Thursday for 2 days but I know I’m Spilling the beans to the world at least some of the people I wanna spy on don’t have this app! Any suggestions for what I should do !!!!!?????

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