Igpay Atinlay

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  • sabrinacarpenderfan
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    Iway ovelay igpay attenlay! Anyoneway nowkway rebfay attenlay?
    Ierb ancerb peekserb tierb oterb!

  • hedgehogsrule
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    So cool

  • puppies-_-galore
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    Thanks for the valuable information I will never remember any of that but I’ll try

  • girlspy
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    ellohay ellowfay piessay! [TRANSLATOR: hello fellow spies!]

    That is called Pig Latin/ Igpay Atinaly.

    It is very easy to learn. I speak it all the times! When you have a word that start with A,E,I,O, or U, you add ‘way’ to the end. Apple becomes appleway. With words that start with constonants, you put the first letter at the end of the word, and add ‘ay’! Miss becomes issmay!

    You try!

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