What’s your style?

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  • anaya-coffee
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    i just wear anything in my closet.

  • itskyerak
    Post count: 23

    It really depends on the day! But I think that I am more of a girly girl type of style!

  • bananagirl7
    Post count: 97

    I haven’t figured out my style yet but I wear different things

  • galaxygum
    Post count: 35

    My style is like, girly tomboy? It’s a mix of both

  • moxxo
    Post count: 1724

    @angie_rose99 sadly I am more of a sweatpant kind of a person for everyday wear 🙈🙈 but if I HAVE to dress up for a party or sth o am more edgy I think!

  • angie_rose99
    Post count: 59

    I love fashion! So I’m just wondering what’s everyone’s style? Do you dress preppy, sporty, edgy, or simply sweatpants and a hoodie? Let me know! I like to dress edgy, so I give off this rockstar look

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