ur fav store

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  • galaxygum
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    I love Romwe, everything so CHEAPPP

  • puppies-_-galore
    Post count: 24

    Justice and Claire’s(I rarely ever go there) and jcpenney and the squishy stand in Coral Square Mall

  • anaiske
    Post count: 7

    primark and justice i love these stores

  • unicorn1647
    Post count: 19

    Müller, h&m, kik, tedi, deichman and new yorker

  • queen_teenwolf
    Post count: 157

    I like Justice, Nyx, and Vans

  • moxxo
    Post count: 1491

    @itmebrooklyn loveee Hnm and macys

  • gemsisters
    Post count: 25

    Justice is one of our favorite stores. So is Children’s Place, Claire’s and Old Navy!✨❤️

  • bookhugger45
    Post count: 638

    Hot topic and value village @itmebrooklyn

  • queenkenzie334
    Post count: 12

    i love h&m and claires als justice

  • anita_annan
    Post count: 38

    Mine is JusticeJustice and Caire’s

  • itmebrooklyn
    Post count: 148

    Cool guys maybe I can check them out but mines go to be justice and forever 21

  • itmebrooklyn
    Post count: 148

    What’s h&m and claires

  • hazel5
    Post count: 2558

    Justice and h&m are great + affordable! @itmebrooklyn

  • azalea_aurora
    Post count: 65

    My favorite stores are Justice, H&M and Claire’s

  • harlierose
    Post count: 515

    I like Forever 21, H&M and Mango 💕

  • angie_rose99
    Post count: 59

    That’s a fav too 😂

  • moonlxght-_-angel
    Post count: 16

    Micheals 😆

  • angie_rose99
    Post count: 59

    Charlotte Russe is my favorite, then Forever 21

  • itmebrooklyn
    Post count: 148

    whats ur fav store to buy stuff

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