Crop tops

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  • hazel5
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    Umm my mom doesnt allow me!! But i can wear them with high waisted jeansss @graciegoldendoodle

  • smartygal
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    Maybe in the summer with your girl friends but just cropped a little. Just a little bit above your belly button. Any higher would be inappropriate @graciegoldendoodle

  • bookhugger45
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    I’m a bit to self conscious but sure I like @alyza s ideas about a skirt

  • _trinityjj_
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    I don’t wear crop tops! I personally don’t think tweens should be allowed to wear them though. 💕

  • jesjade
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    I wear them but I tend to pull my pants up as high as possible 😊💕

  • anaya-coffee
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    im ten, i have crop tops but i don’t wear them since i’m to shy 😅

  • Anonymous
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    I suggest high waisted pants but I wear crop tops to! It is okay though

  • pastelunicorn_14
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    Since ur a tween u can, but I suggest that you should either have a high waisted jean or wear something under ur crop top. Good luck! 😄

  • alyza
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    my mom doesn’t allow me to wear crop tops unless i style them a bit. like i pair it with high waisted jeans or skirt or i have some crop hoodies and i wear a t-shirt under them.

    • _trinityjj_
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      I’m only allowed if I have a shirt underneath mine! 💕

    • llamapajammies
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      @alyza that sounds like an awesome outfit omg! i need to do that!! 🤗

  • graciegoldendoodle
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    Should I be allowed to where crop tops because I’m a tween

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