You know how there are always school shootings. Well when I go to school I'm sometimes afraid of that. What if it does happen. Please!!!!! Answer.


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  • ruka47
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    I know how you feel.I get scared of that too.But I got some great advice from this website,dork option is to run.The next rule may sound a tiny bit silly,but it is important.Run in zig-zag lines.Only when there are shootings,if if there is a bomb or fire,run straight.I heard you should hide,but don’t.That is a bad option cuz you never know where a gunshot will come.When running,leave your stuff.You can replace it,your life is more important.Just calm down,if you are all scared,you may not escape.Like that Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.That was a bomb.Follow an adult you actually trust or your friends.Keep low,run low.Cuz gunshots come anywhere.You should ask your family what to do too.They can also help you.I hope this helped you!

  • gmwbmw22
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    Usually schools add tons of security so things like that DON’T happen…

    But it’s always good to be prepared… Perhaps your principal could help with that or the local police…

    But you should never live in fear, as it’s pointless, and can stop you from doing what you want in life…

  • kash-the-glader
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    I know how you feel. I get scared of those too, but what I do is I tell myself that it is gooing to be okay and that I am safe.

  • admin-2
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    Honestly, you don’t need to worry about it that much. The probability of you experiencing something like that is minimal, especially since they’ve recently taken precautions in schools. My community experienced a shooting a few years ago, and after that most American schools have a lot of added security.

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