think hard on this one

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  • taya39333
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  • bookdragon1234
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    Creative Writing!

  • queenvaeh
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    Reading and writing

  • xoxoxo-heaven
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  • itztrinity
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    Language is fun because I LOVE writing, Art is fun because drawing is so nice and I love showing my art to my friends, Drama is fun because it’s so simple and you can easily portray emotion in your actions but I think the best subject is… LUNCHHHHH 😂

  • amira5
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    I like writing ✍️ and reading 📖.

  • smartygal
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    I like science and art 🖼 kinda yin and yang ☯️ @queenkenzie334

  • unicorn1647
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    i like slovene and english and also p.e. and cooking💕

  • dashagurl
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    Science probably

  • queen_teenwolf
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    Mine is ELA. I like it so much because it’s actually really fascinating. I love writing ✍️ and can’t wait to be a popular author!

  • moxxo
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    @queenkenzie334 literature and art 💜

  • bookhugger45
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  • hazel5
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    Mine is math! @queenkenzie334 what about you

  • queenkenzie334
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    what is ur favorite subject

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