Stressed and depressed

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  • itmebrooklyn
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    By the way I hope 🤞 u get better and maybe it’s not u maybe it’s just that u feel like u don’t like what ur doing

  • jesjade
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    I’m kind of late to the conversation are you feeling better? You can’t try looking up positive quotes and write them on sticky notes and post them around your room

    • picietiny
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      This sounds like a great idea thanks!

  • melodicnova
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    Have you told your parents? If not, be sure to let them know that you are feeling down and you want to talk. Another idea is to think happy. Think about your best friends and all the happy memories you have. If you have a crush, try thinking about them too👍🏻

  • kindnesscounts
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    Why are you sad? If you want to feel happier I suggest listening (or dancing) to super happy music, going on a shopping spree, binge-watching your favorite tv show, or putting on your favorite outfits and having a fashion show with them.

    • picietiny
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      Thanks I’ll try that!

  • picietiny
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    I’ve been feeling down with no one to talk to I don’t really k why but I’ve been crying and not being able to concentrate. Can anyone help?

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