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  • itzmeops
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    Just take notes study and don’t get into a lot of drama 👌🏾👍🏾

  • brown_potatoes
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    Take good notes 📝. Your can use different colours to write/highlight it. And make your notes pretty and easy to read. Hope this helps!

  • bookhugger45
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    Study hard

  • maliazhane
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    I say, read, study, listen and focus and blank out everything but what your teacher is saying, take notes, ask questions when your unsure always helps as well, and lastly believe in yourself, because if you believe you can you can do it!😀

  • afree
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    I can give you 9 tips – I made a video about it:

    Check it out!! I hope it helps!!💕

  • lgbtqmaddie
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    Always put all of your effort into your schoolwork. Pay attention in your classes, even if it means you have to separate yourself from your friends. Take notes or find a way that works for you to remember what your teacher(s) are teaching. Study lots! And it doesn’t hurt to read lots, too! Make sure you sleep enough the night before school and eat a healthy, filling breakfast. I hope this helped! 💕

  • jesjade
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    I started reading and studying more and it helped me get straight A’s

  • cathyj-j
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    What are some ways to get good grades?

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