Popular girl…

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  • gracieboobear
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    Remember you are better than her you are strong 💪😀

  • hedgehogsrule
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    First of all don’t be friends someone who hates you. Second, when the mean girl is not around (like when she’s absent), go find the girl and talk to her. And last, if it gets worse tell the principal. Hope this helps!

  • itztrinity
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    Okay first of all the “popular” girl is probably acting snooty. Which means selfish and rude. If you’re trying to talk to the nice person, you should probably tell the popular girl that blocking me from people isn’t kind and you don’t like it, and if she doesn’t stop you’ll tell the principal or maybe a teacher. But if the teacher and principal doesn’t listen, (it’s happened to me before) try telling another friend you might have or your mom or dad to back you up. Don’t ever let others make you feel like less of who you are. Keep being you!

  • jaimee-maulana
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    I have a friend at school who is popular and comes from a very rich family and i dont know why she hates me so much, but there is also a person who is really nice but every time a wanna go to her, the popular girl tries to block me

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