oh have a small problem…

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  • morgan-celie15
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    Ask your friend about it!

  • christineshenyt
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    I agree with the other people, you guys should talk it out.

  • rocco12
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    your right i think i will

  • smartygal
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    Maybe you should talk about it. You never want to lose a girlfriend over a boy! @rocco12

  • rocco12
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    she’s a best friend but the problem is dont know if she will get mad if i tell her. i really want ro tell her but i dont want her to get mad. also the person we like is sort of friends with me, like we talk a lot so i guess i just wonder if she’d feel like i could have a chance with him even though i dont think i do. i dont know but i thinki should tell her i just want to get a second opinion.

  • hazel5
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    Is she just a friend or a best friend or what? Maybe you can tell her you like him too? I mean its normal as long as none of you are getting into a relationship with him 🙈🙈 @rocco12

  • rocco12
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    so my friend has a crush on this guy who sits next to me in a class but i have a crush on him too! what do i do???

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