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  • caticorn
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    I’m going to middle school too!! I’m so nervous but excited at the exact same time.

  • neatkidd-_nisha
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    keep your head up and don’t bother with boys cause their big distractions and always hand work on time, and keep your circle small only talk to people you deeply trust .

  • giadatalks
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    This was my first year in middle school. Don’t be scared, just be yourself and do what ur suppose to do stay out of drama and your be amazing!

  • taya39333
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    good luck!!! here some tips to remember…..

    1. study for anything u don’t know
    2. if u need help with anything always ask
    3. make small group of friends
    4. stay away from the drama
    5. keep a positive attitude threw out the year

    Let us know how your first day goes id love to hear about it.

  • dogwhisperer11
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    You’ll be fine im in fifth grade but where I go to school fifth graders go to the middle school you’ll get used to it just don’t let older kids push u around if I survived it in fifth grade you’ll survive it in sixth grade. You go conqure girl. Friend me if u want.

  • wmaple123
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    I’m leaving elementary school!!! I’m scared for middle school. Can someone give me advice and/or tell me what it’s like? Please?

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