New school freak out !!

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  • munchie4104
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    @kawaiicoffee Just be yourself I had to go to a lot of new schools in my life but it’s ok it can be a good thing to be new you get to start fresh with new friends and a clean slate you’ll be ok just be yourself don’t change for anyone

  • ruka47
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    @kawaiicoffee,I used to be new in my school.It was pretty scary,but I found some good friends.Just be yourself.Dont act like someone else.Just look on the bright side.A new school.New teachers.New people.New school.New stuff always comes good if you think on the bright side.I hope this helps you???

  • moxxo
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    @kawaiicoffee don’t worry, its complete natural to be fearful of first times, but remember to be confident, and try making friends.
    when you go to this new school and make a mistake, accept it, accept the fact that you are new there and that you will take time to get used to the place!
    acceptance is key. goodluck

  • christinem
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    Things may shock you… it’s only natural in a new environment. Just, don’t let that deter you from engaging with others. In fact, a change of scenery can be a good thing! You can make some new friends and experience new things. Though, it’ll take a while to get used to.

    Just continue to be yourself and everything should be fine!

    Hope this helped!

  • kawaiicoffee
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    So i’m in the 5th grade and im about to go to a new school and it’s a catholic school ! I don’t know what to do there if things are different or the same please reply ~ Julie (AKA : KawaiiCoffee)

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