Mean teacher gave me an essay to whole class

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  • smartygal
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    You prob need to do it. Just do your best! That stinks tho. @giselle_xoxo

  • morgan-celie15
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    You should talk to ur teacher about it and try as best as you can to complete the essay!

  • floweryelephant
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    I understand tgis all to well just do the essay because atleast you know that you did nothing.

  • moxxo
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    @giselle_xoxo i know it gets veryyy annoying when u get punished on behalf of the whole class. but its ok.just wrote the essay. write bout how you personally prepare for class beforehand, do u read the next chapter or do u revise the old stuff. do u google extra material etc. just write about your personal way of preparing to class. hopefully u ll do good. hope i helped 😊💜

  • lol_sienna
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    Don’t worry I have a mean teacher and all she does is sit around and drink Starbucks and cookies and coke all day which is not a good influence on us. She also has six Favourites and guess what I’m not one of them and whenever I have to go tell her something she alway look at me strangely and say I’ve go something on my face and she always stares at me like I’m “Imperfect” and I Hate It. She also forgets everything not on accident but on PURPOSE and she’s like “Oh no maths this week” And I’m like what?!?? Because is this making us learn NO. But After reading this you may think that I love school I don’t and I don’t like maths but I know that it’s not good for our learning.

  • hazel5
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    Take help from a sibling or an elder. Dont be rebellious because that might affect your grade. I’m sure you did not misbehave but still write the essay because the teacher might get angry if you dont. Google ideas on how to write this essay 📖❤️ @giselle_xoxo

  • Anonymous
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    @giselle_xoxo Just do the essay. Search on the internet for “how to get prepared for class” tips

  • codeinggirl2000
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    you should just do it even thought you don’t want to it is better to start the year off with a good grade and not a bad one and plus you don’t want to give your teacher a bad impression

  • giselle_xoxo
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    So I have this mean teacher and she gave the whole class an essay because kids were talking and I wasn’t even talking. She gave us a topic that I don’t even know how to write 1 paragraph on! It’s “how to get prepared for class.” I feel like not doing it because I wasn’t behaving bad so I shouldn’t have to. I don’t want to get a bad grade though. What should I do!?

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