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  • hazel5
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    Start with talking about interests after introducing yourself @itssofieee

  • randomteen14
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    Lol same I’ve been at my school for four years now and more than half of my class has never heard me speak😂 I lost count of how many times someone asked me if I was new🤣

  • flowergal12345
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    Me too. But just start by saying hi and ask them there name and age and for example you can say do you like the amazing days of Abby Hayes books and you have a Conversation

  • itmebrooklyn
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    Really I do have trouble making friends because u seem like a nice caring person

  • itmebrooklyn
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    Be yourself and don’t let anyone stop u

  • jesjade
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    Always remember they are just people like you so you don’t get too nervous. Also sometimes I give a compliment or something and that breaks the ice 😊

  • emitige102
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    Try to find people who share your interests join clubs and groups also don’t hesitate to talk to people you sit with in class.

  • kindnesscounts
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    I suggest you watch Ask Kimberly’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTvNxOlGV1g she talks about this. But, I suggest you go up to someone and talk to them. Ask them what their interests are and find something you can relate to. I guarantee: once you start talking to them, it’ll get easier.

  • itssofieee
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    I don’t know why but I have trouble making friends. I’m just really shy and I get super nervous when I talk to people. any tips?

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