I'm always worried about grades. I don't know why. I do get dodo grades never bad ones. Why I'm I always worried about my grades?

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  • gamechanger
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    thanks but I don’t have bad grades I almost did on my progress report but, I brought the grade up Yay

  • barrel_racer42
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    Don’t worry your not the only one I do to. and maybe its because you might have had bad grades before so you get worried about them. that’s just what I think though! 🙂 – barrel_racer42

  • gamechanger
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    thanks for the advise your nice.😉

  • glitter_101
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    Well that sometimes happens to everyone , me too. I guess because when you pass you will proud of yourself and if you kinda fail you might be disappointed and maybe you really don’t like getting bad grades and that’s totally fine , i sometimes don’t like when i get bad grades but don’t worry it’s ok!

  • gamechanger
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    thanks for the advise -sami😃🎼

  • admin-2
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    You may be always worried about your grades because you just want to do well which is not only a normal thing but a good thing! Don’t worry too much because that’s not good but it is important for you to try your best. Also, don’t push yourself too far just stay mindful of doing your best and if you’re getting too worried or too stressed try and take a break!

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