I don’t know where to go for highschool

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  • lol_sienna
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    Go with your gut feeling and go to which school that’s best for your learning and you’re capabilities and that’s gonna help you with whatever you need 🙂

  • hazel5
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    Hey hey @giselle_xoxo 💛🧡 Go wherever you want to tbh because you can make friends anywhere! Also talk to your parents about it!

  • rooftopgurl
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    I bet it’s hard, but don’t feel ANY pressure. If your friend(s) aren’t happy w the school u pick, their not friends. Choose the one u want!

  • lilyloo12
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    You should go to the Best school that suits what your ambitions are. If it’s the Arts, then definitely that schoool your friend is suggesting. Maybe discuss with your parents too. They would def be able to help direct you. Good luck 👍 @giselle_xoxo

  • giselle_xoxo
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    I’m only in 7th grade but time flies by fast my friend really wants me to go to our counties school for the Arts which I’ve been dying to go to but recently this new school opened tht I really wanna go to and also all my friends are going there I don’t no what school to go to please help!

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