I do bad at math

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  • ambic
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    I agree with Hazel5, YouTube videos are great for understanding math problems. I use the website BBC Bitesize quite a bit for help with my homework.

  • hazel5
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    Watch youtube videos! And practice alot!!! I was bad at math but i practiced everyday even when i got home so yess. Give it extra hours ❤️❤️ @dorkygirl123

  • genesis1110
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    Teachers will help you a lot just try to see if you don’t get something review it with your teacher as much as you can I was horrible at math now I’m great at it I owe it all to my teacher

  • hedgehogsrule
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    I’m ok at math what are you learning in math that is hard??

  • jaimee-maulana
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    My friend said that math means, Mental Abuse Towards Human

  • jaimee-maulana
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    I am also very bad at math!

  • kawaii_gal34
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    I’m good at math a little bit I can maybe help!

  • jessielikesobjectshows
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    Me too.
    3 words:
    I. HATE. MATH!!!

  • bellasernaa10
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    I am super bad at math too and my best friend is in ADVANCED MATH! I’ve always been bad at it especially since I have ADHD and lose focus ):

    • dorkygirl123
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      i had ADHD to and people pick on her and I try to help her

  • dorkygirl123
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    So I really bad at math and so are my best friends. Let’s say there names are I and e so I is okay at math but me and e suck at it. Tell me how to get better. Are teachers try to help us but no that will not help. Please help me

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