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  • lemonlime207
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    Do something social! Have a lemonade stand, or knock on a neighbor’s door who has a kid your age!

  • courtneymarie3
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    I’m homeschooled too! My advice is to just keep in touch with any friends you have from going to actual school, or also maybe look into a homeschool group! They are really fun and you can chat with others kids your age that homeschool!

  • jlrochester
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    Well I am homeschooled and all my friends are from social media or from church

  • moxxo
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    u can also try starting an online blog or sth, with ur parents consent. because then bloggers have a meet up and all and its fun too

  • moxxo
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    @xoxogirls join a club or class which is separate from school like maybe dance , ballet, music, some language course, art craft etc. that ll help u make friends. are there any near your place?

  • horselover080603
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    Get around more people I know that works for my sisters

  • xoxogirls
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    I’m homeschooled and I want a social life. Any advice?

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