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  • taya39333
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    what kind of math do u need help with?

  • emygalixy
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    if your doing ut at home seacretly use a calculator😜

  • eduzka06
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    photomath is very good app

  • katelynsavage
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     I can help I’m really good at math is it 5th 6th7th grade math

    • eduzka06
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      ummm so would u like to help me in 7th grade math after summer i’m going to 7th grade!😊

  • katelynsavage
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    I can help

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  • blazergirl23
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    HELP SISTER! I’m LITERALLY DROWNING in missing work! I need help getting it all done! BTW it’s mostly math! Ok… here the situation… my parents went away on a weeks vacation… JUST KIDDING! (Comment down below if you got that reference!) ok for real 😳 I haven’t done any math homework this quarter, but because I haven’t done any I’ve been getting A’s and A-‘s on ALL my tests in math because I’ve been so stress-free! I am horrible at math so my parents were SOOOO HAPPY! But now I have to turn in AS MUCH MISSING WORK AS I CAN! HELP ( what apps should I use, tips on how to not procrastinate, etc. Thanks, Sis!

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