How do I convince my parents to get me pet?

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  • horselover080603
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    Get what your going through I want a horse so I work with them it’s not the same as owning them but it’s a good substitute so you could possibly volunteer at a pet shelter until your parents let you get one or when you don’t live with them
    And don’t forget this very important thing you have to be consistent or they will think you are not that interested you must mention what you want to them at least five times a day and tell them that’s what you want for your birthday and x-mas

  • horselover080603
    Post count: 123

    I know what your going through I’ve wanted a horse my hole life but my dad says they belong in a glue factory and my hole family hates the smell but I got a job with horses so you could maybe volunteer at a pet shelter until your parents get you a pet or until you live on your own

  • puppysparkles
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    Hi guys,
    I have been wanting a pet for 5 years now, but my parents just don’t want to get me one. I don’t know why this is, but I really want one. Pls HELP!

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