Dogs V.S. Cats

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  • cheetahcat200
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    Cats are a lot more responsibility than you think. You have to keep them on a feeding schedule, make sure they don’t fall ill or catch rabies, tapeworm, or ringworm, and you need to clean the litterboxes often and make sure they use the litterbox and not the floor or furniture. Another thing, you have to play with them often too and try not to get clawed by them, even if it is by accident.
    I believe a lot of people prefer dogs because the work makes you pround, but once you start working a job you will realise that all that work you were pround of you don’t have much time for.
    I’ll respect your opinion.

  • tealturtle30
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    I think dogs come before cats. Dogs motivate you to get moving since they need at lease 1 walk every day. Cats are lazy animals and only sleep. and whats the responsibility for cats? Wouldn’t it be cool to wash your own dog an bring it for walks, it really will make you feel proud. Dogs are amazing creatures. Cats are cool too though. Just remember everyone has their own opinion and that is great! If everyone had the same opinion life wouldn’t be different, everyone would be the same!

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