Dog, cat, hamster or even a fish

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  • furry_cat123
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    I used to have a beta fish, cat, and hamster. My hamster was named Elephant ( because of the show little bill ) my fish was Dorothy ( because of Elmo’s fish on sesame street) and my cat was named Precious. Dorothy lived to be 5. Elephant and Dorothy died from being old, and Presious ran away when we let her outside to run around for a bit.

  • vaidehibharatte
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    I have 6 goldfish’s and one sucker but I have only one best friend he is my goldfish.

  • busybea363
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    i have a cat named waffles. I will tell u his life story. It was a rainy march. My family bought pizza. suddenly a cat came up to our door and meowed at us. The cat was soaking wet with a hurt leg. My mom told me i could give him some tuna(she thought he would die) we fed him and eventuallytook him 2 the vet. He got his shots and was ours!”Dang it we have a cat” -my mom

  • francaellerman
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    No pet. 🙁

  • fluffy_pillow_art_girl
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    I have two dogs (a blacklab named bear and a German sheperd/ king sheperd named layla), 5 pet ducks and a bunch of pet chickens. I am getting my own barn cat who will live in my barn and so is my brother.

  • gamechanger
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    I have 2 dogs, a poodle named Figaro and a poodle mix named Hardy and 2 horses, an appaloosa named Junior and a quarter horse named Tucker !LOVE ALL OF THEM!

  • cassidy4444-2
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    What pet do you have? is it your bestest friend?

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