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  • moxxo
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    @eqraali heyy 💙 whats up? dont be sad. u have honestly come to the right place if u feel this way. we are all ur friends and u can speak ur heart out eithout the fear of being judged. 💙💙 i m here for u.. u an talk to me. i ve also friended u 🤗😍

  • vanessamariana133
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    I free from school now so I can chat with you.

  • cass_mallory-13
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    Don’t do anything irrational!! God has your whole life planned out, and I don’t think ending it is part of His plain!! You are loved, you are talented, you are brave, you are beautiful, and you are one in 10 billion!! Never do anything that will ruin your life like that!! You have so much to love for!! I will always be here if you need anything at all!! 🙏💙💗😊🌎😘

  • amoria
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    I’m here for you

  • hazel5
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    Heyy please dont say that!! talk to me ❤️ @eqraali

  • hamdmujtaba
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    please don’t be sad. you have no idea what life has in store for you. Please talk to any adult like mom aunt or a friend’s mom maybe. You got to be strong. Im here for you.

    • eqraali
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      I have a cousin who told he’s counselor about want to kill there self and they called his parents and my mom and them think it’s a stupid thing to say it’s just my parents don’t understand. they don’t know what am feeling. it gets to the point I get so mad I think about running away or other thoughts

      • blakeyrakey
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        It’s a really serious thing. You really need to talk to a counselor because you are amazing and so loved and have so much ahead of you.

  • stephyarose
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    hey girls are there for each other so I’m here for you

  • queenijustini
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    I would immediately tell your mom how you are feeling and get a therapist to talk to. This is a very serious feeling and you should seek professional advice. In the meantime we are all here for you and I would love to be your friend @eqraali. I am here to talk to you ☺️

    • eqraali
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      Im a very quiet person I keep all my feelings to me and it gets to the point we’re I want to do something to my self and I can’t tell my parents they don’t understand they thinks it’s a dumb thing to say

    • stephyarose
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      I agree u are not alone we are in this together

  • eqraali
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    Am 13 and I have been feeling down and feeling like I want to end my life I don’t have no one to talk to because I feel like no one would take my really and I just want someone to talk to

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