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  • annaw25
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    That’s cool I wish I can speak French 🤪😆@StephyaRose

  • gymnasticsbeauty123
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    That is cool @stephyarose

  • hazel5
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    Wow! Can you teach me french? @stephyarose

    • stephyarose
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      ok would love to

    • stephyarose
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      but first words first by the way spelling might be wrong u pronounce it as you read it normally
      Hello/hey– Bonjour/Salut
      how are u – Como Sava
      Am fine and u – Sava bien merci et tu
      what is your name – Qommotutapelle
      My name is (Anna) – J’ai m’appelle (Anna)
      Where do you live -Tu habite u
      I live in ???- J’ai habite a ???
      the others will say later

  • stephyarose
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    I also speak French but not that much

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