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  • hazel5
    Post count: 1744

    Hii @erin_ Id love to be your friend!! I’m from pakistan

  • annaw25
    Post count: 63

    Hey I’m Annabelle you can call me Anna. And i am 12 two. I live in California. Oh and also i would love to be your pen pal😊

  • teryer
    Post count: 88

    @erin_ I am 12 years old

  • teryer
    Post count: 88

    @erin_ I would love to be your pen pal.
    I am from Ghana which is in Africa. But I live in Georgia, U. S
    We can learn each other’s cultures

  • ihatephilosophy
    Post count: 34

    I’ll be your pen pal!
    I need friends lol 🙃

  • erin_
    Post count: 22

    Hi! I’m Erin, and I’m 12. I live in Hong Kong, and i want to find a pen pal

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