Internet Besties!!

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  • faded_pandaxz
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    I sent you a friend request!

  • chloe1719
    Post count: 11

    I’d really like to be your friend. Just sent a friend request, I hope to hear from you.

  • queenijustini
    Post count: 377

    Just sent you a friend request! Hope to hear from you soon! @sparklingbouquet

  • abby_219
    Post count: 6

    Omg hi um kinda new to hit me up girl let’s talk!!! ♥️👋🥰

  • teryer
    Post count: 251

    Hi, we can be IBF’s

  • galaxygum
    Post count: 35

    I’d love to be ur IBF!!! I used to have one but my dad made me stop talking to her. It was very sad, but I got over it eventually

  • lily_c123
    Post count: 26

    Hey @sparklingbouquet I would love to be ur internet bestie! I’m new her to but I’m not new to friendship either X

  • lily_c123
    Post count: 26

    I have sent you a friend request Xxxx

  • sparklingbouquet
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    If anyone wants to be Internet Besties, send me a friend request!! I’m new to this, but I’m certainly not new to friendship!!

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