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  • blazergirl23
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    OMG YESSS! They say that about tik tok! FIGHT BACK! Right down reasons why you want/need them!

  • picietiny
    Post count: 58

    Get it in secret and follow only your friends. Make sure your on private tho

  • forevervictoria101
    Post count: 20

    my parents wont let me have social media so just agree with them cause at the end of the day they can take your phone or worse

  • annaw25
    Post count: 368

    Yes all the time I wish they will let me 😒@watermelonbomb

  • yield
    Post count: 236

    My parents are like that

  • watermelonbomb
    Post count: 71

    Hey are your parents like mine? They won’t let me have Instagram they say it’s a bad app with nude pictures. Do you agree? Do you think I should fight back?? Comment down below what you think!

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