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  • wmaple123
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    Hey!!!!! I’m Canadian (and sometimes I brag about it 😅😅😅) but I live in the u.s. and I’m eleven! I’m in Texas, a long way from Canada, right? Lol I could be ur pen pal. Where do you live in Canada? 🇨🇦

    • xxxgacha_girlxxx
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      Yeahyou can deffinetly be my pen pal
      im from ontario

  • hazel5
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    Hi i can be your friend. I’m from pakistan
    My sister lives in ontario!! @xxxgacha_girlxxx i hope to visit canada soon. I have heard it snows all the time

  • emily_world123
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    Hi! I’m Emily, and I’m 10 as well. I live in USA. I love BTS!

  • unicorngalactic112
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    I’m 11!

  • apexianparzival
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    What is up

  • drawwithmalik
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    Hi Peyton! What’s Canada like? ive always wanted to live there. i heard its cold

    • xxxgacha_girlxxx
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      LOL, it not that cold its only cold in the winter!
      lets be pen pals

  • xxxgacha_girlxxx
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    Hi my name is Peyton, I am ten years old
    I live in Canada
    I love choclate cake
    and i am looking for a pen pal 🙂

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