Feel the future

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  • horselover080603
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    Kittycatz101 just got my braces yesterday and I can tell you this much braces stink and they aren’t cute they look like spinach on my teeth and my older sister who was supposed to get braces but never did won’t stop laughing at me so I try not to smile a lot 😉

  • horselover080603
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    I know but the really scary part is that I feel that if I do not get active I’m going to die of a heart attack

  • moxxo
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    @horselover080603 oh God! that is scary but cool at the same time. its like u predicted the future!! 😵🤖🚀

  • kittycatz101
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    I want braces.
    there cute and my teeth are weird

  • horselover080603
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    A few years ago my older sister got braces and then my brother got braces and a few weeks ago I saw someone with braces and I thought to myself I going to need braces soon and tomorrow I’m getting braces
    Can anyone relate to me it scares me that I knew I needed braces before the dentist told me I needed braces
    This feeling has been for about 4 years and my dentist said I may need braces last year

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