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    @zodini I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for a few years now! Let me tell you, it’s really fun. It can be a bit hard too, with plucking the strings and some chords. But chords are pretty easy to play 🎸🎸🎸💜

  • zodini
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    thank you

  • smartygal
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    That’s so cool. My brother plays the guitar 🎸 and I love to listen to him play. Gotta practice all the time! Learn your chords too. Then you can play anything! @zodini

  • zodini
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    yes I took classes near our house . You?

  • hazel5
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    I love to play the guitar!! But I’m a beginner too lol!! Did you take classes? @zodini

  • zodini
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    hey guys! any guitarist here? I’m a beginner learner so just wanna here your advice

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