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  • Anonymous
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    Mine is definitely without me by Halsey! You should really check it out!!

  • jessielikesobjectshows
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    One word: Electronica!

  • llamapajammies
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    Taylor Swift

  • dogwhisperer11
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    Jump5 different but awesome!

  • captainmarvel50
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    I love 90’s music!!!! It’s the best!

  • laylay_latte
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    I love Michael Jackson’s music

  • princessparkle12
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    @gigibeans my favourite song is 7 rings by Ariana grande

  • edenskyegirl
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    Arianna Grande I love her 😍 she is the best

  • lolanna15
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    teen pop, even the songs I write are teen pop.

  • ryleecat337
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    Ariana Grande is queeen! 👑

  • edenskyegirl
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    I love arianna grande she is my fav and Shaw Mendes

  • hazel5
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    Anything from ariana grande is my fav! ❤️ 🎵 @gigibeans

  • bookhugger45
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    Believer how about you?

    • gigibeans
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      Mine is without me,rockstar,old town road,if we have each other,wall could talk, and nightcore music and SO MUCH MORE!

  • hedgehogsrule
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    Rap music 🎶🎙

  • bellasernaa10
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    Billie ellish, Clairo, Chico, Rex orange country

  • gigibeans
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    What is your favorite music????

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