I kind of have a celebrity crush

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  • samis_03
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    She wouldn’t had made fun of u if she was ur real friend🤷🏻‍♀️

  • rooftopgurl
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    Tell your friend how it made you feel and a lot of girls have a celebrity crush like what girl doesn’t?😘

  • pbrindy
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    Yeah …. who is she to tell you how to feel? It’s who you are and what you like …. not her.

  • piperd
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    who is your celeb crush?🙂

  • piperd
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    you should tell your friEND haw it made you feel.😊

  • hazel5
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    I agree with @A.C._8
    You should tell her you didnt feel good about it 🙂 💕 @queenisabella602

  • queenisabella602
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  • a-c-_8
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    Just tell her you don’t appreciate her making fun of you. Ask her how she would feel if she was in your shoes. Also forgive and forget.

  • s-sophie
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    savage friend 🕶

  • queenisabella602
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    So I told one of my close friends that I have a celebrity crush on a famous actor and she made fun of me .

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