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  • bront
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    Zac Efron.

  • reallyrylee
    Post count: 25

    Tom Holland, Benji, Devan Key, Cole Sprouse

  • harlierose
    Post count: 529

    YESSSS!! Shawn Mendes 💕

  • llamapajammies
    Post count: 31

    my celeb crush is also shawn mendes 🥰

  • sydnee_45
    Post count: 3

    Harry styles🥰❤️❤️

  • cakeisthebest231
    Post count: 3

    i like chris brown

  • lolanna15
    Post count: 262

    Shawn Mendes is cool too

  • caticorn
    Post count: 148

    I like Tom Holland ☺️

  • lolanna15
    Post count: 262

    although, he really isn’t a celebrity crush because we are chatting on firework, but he is still cute.

  • lolanna15
    Post count: 262

    Jacob Sartorius

  • drawwithmalik
    Post count: 264

    do any of you guys watch wwe? I LOVE Randy Orton

  • heyday
    Post count: 9

    Mine is Brendon Urie married but cute (Panic at the Disco lead singer)

    • alyssia120
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      i searched him and he is very cute

  • alyssia120
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    Do you guys have a celeb crush? i do, my celeb crush is Shawn Mendes he is hot and he can sing very good.

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