Celeb crush

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  • azalea_aurora
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    Mine is Shawn Mendes 💕

  • ktalk33
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  • srishti993
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    same and justin bieber

  • laylamichelle
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    I LOVE EMMA WATSON!! Though she’s not my crush. She was Harmony Granger in Harry Potter

  • lunareclipse
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    Idk exactly

  • timetodream12
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    idk if paul wesley is a celeb but… him…

  • madis_lol_life
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    Tom holland😍

  • chickenlover12
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    @caticorn I like Devan to!

  • hazel5
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    Zac efron for meeeeee @caticorn

  • theonlyallycarr
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    Same girl. When I was younger I wanted to kiss him. Lol

  • x0mia0x0
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    Sameee I luv Tom Holland – he is soooo cuteeeeee

  • itmebrooklyn
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    ME TOO!! @Cass_Mallory.13 I love his act and I love high school musical he was my fav actress

  • itmebrooklyn
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    Well I don’t like like him I just like his acting sooooo much probably more than u @Cass_Mallory.13

  • reallyrylee
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    Benji, Tom Holland, Devan Key, and Cole sprouse

  • cass_mallory-13
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    Mine is prob Zac Efron 🤣🤣
    Ik, he’s old (like 30, but still) now…. but he’s still cute lol 😂

    • laylamichelle
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      Trust me that’s not old. My parents r older!

  • lolanna15
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    Jacob Sartorius

  • afree
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  • caticorn
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    Do any of you have a Celebrity crush? Mine is Tom Holland ☺️

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