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    Let me see…

  • mahathiu
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    Thanks for the information I did it correctly

    This is your link right?😊
    Thanks again….now I can share even you tube videos!!I will post one soon.

  • missoofficial
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    Glad to hear you have accepted being a Miss O Intern and you are already sharing posts with us! We will get a post up soon letting everyone know you are a new Miss O intern! Congrats! As far as sharing Youtube videos, if you have one up, go to the video and below that you will see a SHARE link with an arrow. Click on that. Then below you will see a link that you can share. Here’s one of ours so you can see how it might look. So if you have one, submit a post and include that link. We will do the rest! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • mahathiu
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    Hi @missoofficial,i got your mail. thanks. I already shared 4 posts with you. I am willing to share more. I am and will always be active in girl2girl wall. I already recommend my friends about Misso and she said she will visit the site. And I will recommend to more people. But, I need help sharing YouTube videos. I don’t know how to share them. I am interested in these things. Thanks a lot for selecting me and you could publish my photo. Thanks

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