Looking For An Ibf

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  • thegirlonfire
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    Omg I love ROBLOX! My username is TheGirlOnFire007 friends me!

  • girlintrouble
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    Hi I’m from Ireland, and am 13. New here and need some help so how do you private message someone? My name is Nicola and I love drawing, dancing, singing and swimming btw

  • alyza
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    hi, i would love to be your ibf! I’m 14 and I’m from Pakistan. i like photography too. i draw and read comics. i think it’s so cool that you play soccer!!!

  • smartygal
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    I’ll be your friend! I just friended you. Please accept by sliding to the left in notifications @hi_im_spoopy

  • liv_carr
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    Hi I’m 13

  • hazel5
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    Hi @hi_im_spoopy I’m from pakistan, can i still be your pen pal?? I dont like roblox tho 🙈🙈🙈

  • hi_im_spoopy
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    Heyo, Im looking for an ibf between the ages of 12-14, and preferably lives in the US (If not thats totally okay too.)
    Im a girl, Im 13, I like soccer, photography, and roblox. Hmu if you’re intrested!

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