Im new!

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  • username4357
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    Wow! Cool I’m gonna friend u!

  • sabinemarussia
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    Hello, that’s super cool. I’m Sabine.

  • laylamichelle
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    Hi! My name is Layla! I am 11 years old and I have just joined girl2girl too! I love performing, singing, art and reading! If u ever need a book recommendation for the age 5-adults, I am your gal! I have just joined u as a friend ! 😎

  • smartygal
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    Cool! Just friended you!! I feel embarrassed to wear a bikini. I’m starting to develop and very self conscious. Any suggestions? @lilshe23

    • sabinemarussia
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      Hello I was wondering if I can give you suggestions. I would suggest tankini bathing suits. I love them because it covers more than a bikini for modesty. 💕

  • lilshe23
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    Hi Im Dani/Danielle Call Me Whatever! Im 13 So If You Ever Need Advice Just Thing Of Me As Your Older Sister! I Love Roblox And Gaming And My Roblox Is LilShe23 Feel Free To Add Me Or Ask Any Questions! Bye!

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