Did Lexi Drew left L2M?

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  • mia7029
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    even I thought she left cause she was not there in some of the music videos.
    some rumours say that she hated all the girls because she sang in the songs so rarely.

  • gracearun
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    If you’ll haven’t realized in the song overthinking it sounds like L2M misses them.

  • kittycatz101
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    whatever, I just wish she didn’t leave

  • kittycatz101
    Post count: 258

    But she did all those things while still in the band, didn’t she?

  • missoofficial
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    From what we know, Lexi left L2M to pursue her career as an individual artist singing, modeling, fashion designing and acting. We all wish her the best and wish her lots of success! L2M is now four girls, Jenna, Mariangeli, Tati and McKenzie. Love their new music! If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to Tag Me In on Spotify, iTunes, or Youtube. Sooooo good!!

  • kittycatz101
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    Lexi was my fav!
    I miss her.
    maybe it was a contract problem or something
    maybe the other girls thought that they didn’t need her

  • kittycatz101
    Post count: 258

    I wish Lexi would answer this

  • pearljosling
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    I’m not too sure but I guess she might have had other things going on. She seems like a very busy girl.

  • cloclosun
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    Thank you for the information

  • Anonymous
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    Yeah. I don’t exactly know why but some people say she didn’t like Tati and some say she wanted to be solo. Others say they got into an argument… Prob a bunch of rumours but Lexi was my least fave anyway. I only liked her in Hyperlinked and that’s it. Hope they come out with a season TWOOOO!!

  • ale02
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    Why did Lexi left L2M ? Like she didn’t sing with the group for a while.

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